Tortolita Landscaping has been installing lawns and turf; both natural and artificial, for more than 25 years. Without exaggeration, we can say that we have installed thousands of beautiful lawns though out Tucson. We take the time to evaluate the site location and soil conditions to determine the best turf variety for you. Whether it be a natural green lawn, or artificial turf, there are many types of both available for any number of applications. When creating a beautiful, lush lawn, turf is one of the best materials. Turf is an excellent option for those who want a lush, vibrant lawn without the hassle of having to maintain it. Not only does turf require less maintenance than traditional grass seed, but it can also last much longer. Turf is made up of a combination of synthetic and natural fibers that are woven together in a grid-like pattern. This design creates an incredibly durable layer that can withstand foot traffic and weather conditions. In addition, the synthetic elements make the turf resistant to weeds and other pests. At the same time, the natural fibers help retain moisture, so your lawn stays hydrated during periods of drought or extreme heat. Plus, turf is available in various colors and textures, so you can find something that perfectly complements your landscaping design.

Water Features

That one additional feature in your yard that truly creates an atmosphere of relaxation and peace. Tortolita Landscaping builds contemporary water features to natural rock water features that give you the impression of having your very own natural spring right in your back yard. Our pools and ponds are built to specifications and standards that the company owners have set. Large foundations, steel reinforcement, quality plumbing and always the best possible components on the market today to give you that running stream effect or babbling brook you are looking for.

Tortolita Landscaping’s experienced masons give our customers the confidence that they are getting not just a pond with a splash, but a water feature system that is build to last a life time.

Fireplaces and Kivas

Tortolita Landscaping has built some of the most attractive and functional outdoor fireplaces/kivas in Tucson and the surrounding area. The wide range of materials for construction and finishing surfaces is almost limitless. From decorative slump block to match your homes construction, to stucco and paint, to natural rock accents. We build natural wood burning fireplaces/kivas as well as natural gas or propane fueled fireplaces. Each having there own appeal and functionality. Whether it be the actual warmth of a wood burning fire or the aesthetic pleasure from the glow of natural gas, we can make your fireplace warm and inviting.

Grading & Drainage

Landscape grading is integral to creating a beautiful and functional outdoor space. Grading involves the manipulation of the existing terrain to create a level surface for planting, paving, and other landscape elements. Proper grading ensures that water drains away from structures, prevents flooding and soil erosion, and creates uniformity in your outdoor space. When it comes to landscape grading, there are several different techniques you can use to achieve the desired outcome. The first step is to determine the existing grade of your land by using a laser or transit-level tool to measure slope distance or elevation change. Once you have chosen this information, you can make adjustments with either manual labor or machinery such as bulldozers and backhoes. For smaller projects involving minimal elevation changes, homeowners can handle the task themselves with manual labor tools such as shovels and rakes. However, suppose you are making significant changes in grade or dealing with steeper slopes. In that case, it’s best to call on professional landscapers with experience working with heavy machinery for more efficient results.

Automatic Irrigation

Why Install an Irrigation System
Watering by hand wastes more than 50% of the water through runoff or evaporation. Automatic irrigation settings offer benefits that reduce your water usage, therefore reducing your costs while conserving resources.

Saves water and time
Both drip irrigation and sprinkler systems can be set to daily or weekly watering. These systems can also be set as timed for specific hours during day or night. The system will also automatically shut the water off when the irrigation process is complete. You do not have to be physically present for this water system to be effective. The automatic shut off will keep your water usage to a minimum, and lower your costs since less water will be used.

Reduces weed growth
By installing an irrigation system specifically designed for your landscape, only areas that truly need water will receive it, thus limiting your potential weed growth. Drip irrigation systems are particularly efficient at this: the system directs water specifically to each plant’s roots, rather than sprinkling over the entire garden.

Improves plant growth
Plants will grow faster and greener when watered with smaller amounts of water over a longer period, which is exactly what irrigation systems are designed to do. Installing an irrigation system will improve your plant growth significantly.

Preserves soil nutrients
Watering by hand often leads to excess water seeping into the soil. Water runoff seeps into the soil and carries precious nutrients away from your plants. Using a hose can also compact your soil, leading to plant suffocation or root disease. Using an irrigation system will preserve your soil structure and keep your plants absorbing nutrients, not the runoff water.

Landscape Maintenance

From our early years as Tortolita landscaping to today, our passion has been in helping people take their overgrown yard and turn it back into a beautiful outdoor environment they knew and loved. It’s been Tortolita’s owners pride and joy to help its customers maintain the landscape and irrigation system they installed as well as new customers that are just looking for a one time clean up. We pride ourselves in our ability to take our customer to the point where they are once again proud of their investment.

Retaining Walls

With the use of natural boulders, stacked block, poured colored concrete with natural looking rock facades, to simple concrete block and stucco retaining walls, Tortolita Landscaping can do it all. Retaining walls is an essential component of landscaping, providing structure to outdoor areas and creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing space. In addition, they can help to define areas, prevent soil erosion, and even increase property values. While there are many types of retaining walls to choose from, each has advantages and disadvantages. Concrete Retaining Walls: Concrete retaining walls are the most common type of wall used in landscaping. They create a solid and durable barrier that is easy to maintain, withstanding the elements better than other materials like wood or brick. However, one downside is that they usually require professional installation due to their weight and size.

Outdoor Living Spaces & Patios

Tortolita Landscaping Inc. has been designing, building, and creating comfortable, individualized outdoor living spaces in Tucson, AZ since 1988. Our expertise is in the whole package, the design and complete follow through of the construction phases of your unique outdoor space. Using your ideas, likes and dislikes, we create and build starting with the hardscape. We use only the best materials and highest workmanship standards that you the customer deserve.
Through the use of many diverse types of materials available, such as colored concrete, concrete brick pavers, flagstone, granite and stucco and paint finishes, etc.., we create your outdoor living space.
Time and time again, Tortolita Landscaping Inc. has proven to use the most efficient use of space and materials combined with the landscape design to create the most eye appealing results.

Outdoor Kitchens & Barbeque Areas

Outdoor kitchens should be exactly that…a complete kitchen that frees you from your indoor kitchen. Complete with standard features such as the barbecue, the hot plate, either electric or gas, warming drawers to keep your food warm during the preparation of other foods, a refrigerator and a sink for clean up. The barbeque area always seems to be one of the main focus features of all back yards… And it should be. A functional area where the chef can show off his or her talents, as well as an eye appealing area for you and your guests to mingle and enjoy. Tortolita Landscaping has built some of the most user friendly, comfortable and inviting barbeque areas in Southern Arizona. We utilize the best of the best when it comes to the working components as well as the construction materials to build your unique outdoor barbeque. Natural gas, propane or conventional wood burning units, you name it, we can do it.

Tucson Landscape Design/Build

Tortolita Landscaping Inc. is a Tucson, Arizona-based landscape company that designs and builds beautiful, sustainable outdoor environments. We can provide a simple planting plan or detailed construction drawing, depending on your project needs. We are a Licensed Contractor with skilled installation crews, and our landscaping services include planting, irrigation, LED lighting, and custom metal fabrication. At Tortolita Landscaping Inc., we specialize in designing and building outdoor living spaces tailored to your home, architecture, and specific needs. We understand that your home is essential to you. Our talent for scheduling, coordinating, and communicating makes the entire process, from design to complete your outdoor space, an enjoyable experience. In addition, we are now offering exclusive maintenance services for select properties.

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